HOW ironic that as we get close to the commemoration of the ending of the First World War, the mountain Scafell Pike, that was given to the nation as a memorial to Britain's war dead, is still being damaged and eroded by well-meaning but misguided charity walk fundraisers.

The National Trust, which looks after the Pike, has tried for many years to discourage these groups, many of whom who sadly do not see the damaged paths and even litter as they walk through some of England's finest scenery in the dark!

The British Mountaineering Council is trying to raise funds for its Mend Our Mountains campaign and the issue was highlighted on the BBC local news only this week.

There are so many environmentally friendly ways that finds can be raised for worthwhile causes and perhaps the Bury Times too has a responsibility not to give publicity to those who, for what ever reason, perhaps just ignorance, continue to pursue this damaging activity.

Malcolm Curtis

Chestnut Avenue