A CAMPAIGN has been launched to restore a beauty spot blighted by sewage.

It is claimed that wrongly connected drain pipes have caused sewage to spill into Island Lodge, in Tottington, over the course of several years.

The lodge, which is situated off the Kirklees Trail ­— known locally as ‘The Lines’ ­— is popular with fisherman and dog walkers, but residents say it has been left to deteriorate, and is now filled with dead fish and algae.

The state of the lodge worsened even further during this summer’s hot weather, and Tottington District Civic Society is now calling for investment to restore it to its former glory.

Christine Taylor, from the society, said: “It is a real beauty spot and it is a huge shame that it has been left to deteriorate into such a bad state.

“If nothing is invested then it will not be there any more. It will only get worse if raw sewage keeps going into it.”

The campaign has been backed by local councillors, and a petition has been set up calling on Bury Council to take action.

A public meeting to discuss the lodge will be held at Greenmount United Reformed Church from 8pm on Tuesday, November 20. Representatives from the council and United Utilities have been invited to attend.

A spokesman for Bury Council said: "The council has been liaising with United Utilities on this matter for some time.

"A number of pipes were misconnected from local homes which led to low levels of effluent leaking into the lodge.

"The council is working closely with the office of James Frith MP, United Utilities and other partners to reach an economically viable solution.

"A multi-agency site visit took place recently and we are now awaiting receipt of a report from United Utilities. In the meantime we are exploring potential avenues of funding, if available.

"The council is as keen as local residents to find a satisfactory solution to this problem."