A 25-foot conifer was engulfed in flames last night, destroying a shed and damaging telephone lines.

The fire broke out at the rear of some residential flats in Knight Street near Ainsworth Road around 9pm.

Watch manager Pete Fletcher described the spectacle as "pretty damn impressive", saying that the smoke and flames could be seen from Bury fire station in Magdalene Road.

He said: "It appears that somebody set fire to a large conifer tree in a back garden. It was quite impressive when we got there because the conifer was 25-foot."

Two fire engines attended and the fire was put out within 20 minutes.

A garden shed and all its contents were totally destroyed by the fire which also damaged two telephone lines.

The fire also caused some heat damage to the neighbouring property.

Nobody was injured by the fire.

Mr Fletcher said that the fire had been burning for so long by the time his crew arrived that it was unclear what the cause may have been.

Police have been informed of the incident and will investigate.