30 years insuring in Ramsbottom!

1988 was a year when the pound note ceased to be legal tender, pubs were allowed to stay open all day for the first time and Edwina Curry took it upon herself to scare everyone about eggs. But in Ramsbottom it was also the year when Ian Hayes started work for Munro Greenhalgh Insurance Brokers.

Established way back in 1926, Munro Greenhalgh are approaching their 40th year in Ramsbottom and have always maintained their focus on serving the business community.

As Ian puts it, “Being a Radcliffe lad and someone who has always been involved in football and cricket, I can probably talk the hind legs off a donkey! But the reason for our ongoing success – despite my banter - is definitely down to us getting to know our clients and working with them to sort the best way of protecting their businesses. Insurance gets a bad rap – and possibly rightly so in some cases. Internet ‘Insure and don’t care’ sites do not help with this image as their focus is all on price. We look at it differently: if the worst happens, can your business survive? We actually get a tremendous kick out of seeing our clients through bad times caused by accidents or loss. But we go beyond that: we sit down with our clients to identify potential risks to their business, implement measures to reduce these risks and then, should a claim be made, ensure that the process is dealt with as efficiently as possible with least upheaval.”

Recently, Munro Greenhalgh has undergone a management restructure and also introduced a specialist Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom Insurance package (KBB Insure). Their profits in the last 12 months are up 15% and their premiums income up 25%.

However, as they go from strength to strength they are mindful to maintain their ethos, established even before Ian arrived, of always trying their hardest for their clients – no matter what size.