FARM staff were ordered to leave a burning barn by firefighters t.oday

Workers at Quarlton Fold Farm were desperately trying to save stock from the barn full of logs as a fire took hold of the building.

But firefighters ordered the farm workers to evacuate the building and to leave the fire-fighting operation to the professionals.

It was initially feared that people may have been trapped in the barn.

Seven fire engines from Lancashire Fire Service were sent to tackle the blaze at the farm at the farm in Bury Road, near to the Bradshaw Road junction, which is believed to have broken out at about 2.30pm yesterday.

Ramwells Logs is based at the farm but it was not clear yesterday if the barn full of logs belonged to the company.

By 5pm yesterday firefighters said the incident was under control, although crews were expected to remain at the scene throughout the night.

No one was hurt as a result of the blaze, the cause of which is under investigation.

Firefighters were able to draw water from nearby Walves Reservoir to douse the flames.

After the fire broke out, Lancashire Fire Service tweeted to warn people in the area to keep their windows and doors closed due to the large plumes of smoke emanating from the farm.

Incident commander, Steve Chappell, from Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service said: "When we got here, we could see the smoke and the barn was alight with flames coming from it.

"A lot of stock has collapsed so it is just getting at the seat of the fire, which is below the structure that has collapsed."