CONCERNS have been raised over the impact of changes to bin collection services in Radcliffe.

Bury Council's decision to amend the long-running service because of "restricted access" has been met with frustration.

Letters were sent to residents in Dean Street informing them that, "due to the poor condition" of the road, workers were "at very real risk of injury."

However, one disabled pensioner has asked why this "very real risk of injury" does not also apply to residents.

Bernard Peake said: "They have collected on this street since I moved here as a toddler. It is a common back street. It is ridiculous.

"They won't collect from outside our back gates anymore because they say they cannot get down the road. They say cars are blocking their way.

"I drove a heavy goods vehicle for 30 years — far bigger than the Council's dustbin wagon — and I could get down Dean Street without a problem.

"Also, does this very real risk of injury not apply to anyone who walks up the back street?"

Notification letters advising residents of the changes have been distributed to properties. Under these new rules, residents will be expected to wheel their bins about 45 metres to be collected.

Mr Peake, who has a disabled badge due to having five stents fitted in his arteries and also suffering from arthritis, said these new plans would make it very difficult for him.

In a second letter, the Council informed residents that they could qualify for an assisted collection service if they made an application.

The Council has requested that residents leave their bins for collection at the end of the road, no earlier than 6pm on the evening before the scheduled collection day and no later than 7am on the actual day itself.

The first letter from the Council reads: "The service is experiencing considerable difficulties in collecting your bins from your back gate due to parked vehicles restricting access to bins.

"There are also issues with the poor condition of the surface of the back street, which is impacting upon the health and safety of the operation.

"There is a very real risk of injury to operatives due to slips, trips and falls."

It continues: "I am afraid that bins that continue to be left at back gates on collection day will not be emptied."

The changes are due to come into effect on Thursday, November 22.