A STATUE of Emmeline Pankhurst is to be unveiled a century after women first gained the vote.

The unveiling on Friday at Manchester’s St Peter’s Square in Manchester is being performed on the historic anniversary.

That the statue is being unveiled in Mrs Pankhurst’s home city and where she founded the Suffragette movement, makes this an especially poignant event.

During planning, the team from Metrolink and the Pankhurst statue committee recreated the iconic 1908 picture of Emmeline obstructing a tram in Heaton Park with fellow protestors ­— part of the suffrage movement that eventually achieved equal voting rights for women.

Andrew Simcock, committee chairman said: “Friday, December 14, will be a celebratory occasion that will bring people together to mark the centenary of the first women voting in a UK General Election and the legacy of Mrs Pankhurst who campaigned and contributed so much to this chapter of history.

“Helping the event in St Peter’s Square to unfold successfully, we are delighted to be working with the team from Metrolink.

"They will be assisting people with their travel plans in the days ahead of the unveiling and, recognising the significance of the day, will be putting in place a series of measures to ensure that ceremony itself runs without disruption.”

Throughout the service, customers will only be able to access St Peter’s Square Metrolink stop from the Princess Street end of the platform.

Aline Frantzen, managing director of KeolisAmey Metrolink (KAM) said: “Times have changed for the better in the past 100 years and while there is more that needs to be done, there is no need for Emmeline to stop the trams on this occasion!

“It’s vital we help mark this occasion and, at the same time, run the best service possible on what will undoubtedly be one of the busiest days on the network in 2018 with many out shopping and celebrating the festive season.

For full details of the unveiling, from 11am and 1.30pm, visit womanchesterstatue.org