ALMOST a year ago, the keys of Tottington Library were handed over to a group of Volunteers and a new charity was formed.

2018 has been both exciting and very challenging for those involved but with the support of many including various council officers we have collectively achieved a great deal.

It began with a substantial donation then followed by several funding grants, much goodwill from local businesses and more than £17,000 raised with successful sell out fundraising events.

In terms of membership, we have in excess of 1,200 and almost 60 active volunteers.

Residents are truly behind us and for that we are extremely grateful and wish express our thanks, but some ask can we keep it going?

We must assure all that we are very confident that we certainly can.

It’s a busy library with a variety of activities for all ages from tots to grandads and with a newly opened Tea Room, we would urge residents to visit and ensure the long term future of The Tottington Centre and Community Library.

Looking forward to another successful year!

Cllr Yvonne Wright

On behalf of the Committee