COLLEGE students had the chance to trial life as a junior doctor for an afternoon.

Pupils at Bury College had a go at taking blood pressures and measuring reaction times, and learnt life-saving recovery positions.

The exercises took place as part of an inspirational visit from junior doctors.

Students from The University of Manchester visited Bury College A Level Science learners to deliver workshops and share their experiences.

Former Elton High School pupil Amy Duckworth, who is studying A Level Biology, Chemistry and Maths, said: "The experience has been really good and it was great to gain an understanding about the interview process to apply to medicine."

Students had the chance to hear what skills are required for a career in medicine. They were given an insight into potential job opportunities.

The workshop was arranged by Fastbleep — an organisation that gives people the skills to apply to medical school as well as an introduction to what it would be like to be a doctor.

During the visit, the junior doctors provided Bury College pupils with information about how to successfully sit their BMAT and UKCAT tests.

Jared McSweeney, a third year medical student at The University of Manchester added: “The students were great, they asked some good questions and were engaged throughout the workshop.”