WE may never leave the the EU, not because of anything the EU does, but because the MPs in our parliament are really remainers.

They have never accepted the result of the referendum and have used every method to stop it from being realised.

The Liberal Democrats, The Green Party, SNP, Labour Party and the Conservative Party (with exception ) MPs all are remainers.

If the House of Commons make up reflected the referendum vote, then progress would have been made and the deal would have been completed.

There are true arguments for leaving or staying in the EU, yet all we see and hear depends on how they are presented to the public.

For example, it is always stated that the just-in-time system for the car manufacturing base in the UK will collapse but in reality it is lead times that control when an item arrives just in time. Build the correct lead time into a system and all items will arrive just in time.

There will be problems with leaving the EU.

Make no mistake, it is true, but there will be an upside, too, and it is up to our MPs to ensure that their own views are not put above those that voted to leave or remain in their constituency.

If they can't do this, then resign.

Chris Cunliffe