I WRITE regarding the recent article highlighting Bury councillors' heated debate on Brexit at the recent council meeting.

I’m amazed councillors think this is a sensible use of an hour of their time debating Brexit, given how little influence they have on the matter.

Perhaps their time would be better debating some of our important local issues instead, things we elect them for.

Bury Town Hall is not Westminster after all.

Should councillors not know what important local issues are I’ve listed a few below to help jog their memories.

The issue with Radcliffe set to lose its junior football pitches due to flood defence scheme.

Radcliffe’s lack of a high school and the impact on the quality of life of its residents.

The old police and fire stations in Bury which are both eyesores and have been empty for years.

The poor condition of so many of our roads despite recent resurfacing works on some.

The increase in air pollution around Bury New Road since it was redeveloped caused by gridlocked traffic.

There are plenty more that myself and others could add, but perhaps they could start with some of the above rather than wasting time on things they can’t influence and playing playground politics with each other.

M Sutcliffe