HARD man Frank Morgan is back on stage to take audiences on a haunting new journey into the criminal underworld in a critically acclaimed play.

Award-winning playwright Joe O'Byrne, who lives in Bolton, is bringing his play, I'm Frank Morgan Rewired, to The Met in Bury.

Frank is the original character which launched critically acclaimed Tales from Paradise Heights ­— but audiences will see Frank as never before.

Joe explained: "In 2018, I revisited the original Tale from Paradise Heights, I'm Frank Morgan, and updated the tale to fit

more with the way the world is today. I made sweeping changes, added new storylines, a tale that was entrenched with the fractured society of 1999 became something stronger in 2018. Frank developed

an even darker and meaner edge, and a vicious strain of humour shot through the urban narrative."

Frank is described as a hard man in a dirty old town ­— loan shark, poker player, owner of The Ace of Spaces Club in Paradise Heights. Frank, played by Joe, has taken on some of the hardest and won.

But his position at the top is being threatened by a new crime way.

And as he takes audiences on a tour of his domain they see the mask slip, and this is a man haunted by his own demons. On the night he’s shines a light into recent events in his life.

Joe added: "This is the reincarnation of a Devil, Frank - RewiRED. The new show tears apart the old monster and creates a new one, a Frank-enstein Morgan if you will. With a sound design by the brilliant Justin Wetherill and poster and graphic design by the very talented and long time Tales from Paradise Heights collaborator Darren McGinn. Critics have acclaimed this new version, audiences have loved it - some seeing the show more than once. It was a challenge for me, a test to see if I could hold a theatre audience on my own over two acts. Judging from the reviews and audience reaction that’s a definite

‘job done’ - but I like to keep pushing. This is a dynamic piece that will stay with you. It’s a modern myth. A modern tragedy."

I'm Frank Morgan Rewired shows at The Met, Bury, on February 9 at 7.30pm.

Tickets are £10 and to book visit www.themet.org.uk or ring 0161 761 2216.