COMPLAINTS have been made over a street “plagued” by anti-social behaviour.

Homes in Knight Street, Elton, have been egged, windows and doors have been smashed and residents said they have been "targeted".

Concerns have been raised over a “lack of police action” in response.

However, Greater Manchester Police said they are working in partnership with Six Town Housing and Bury Council to respond to the anti-social behaviour.

The Bury Times reported last November that residents had been “terrorised in their homes for weeks”.

Resident Anne Khidar, aged 50, said: "Since last August, I have been terrorised.

"We have had our windows egged, stones thrown at our homes. I have had my front door smashed twice.

"Three lads returned at the weekend throwing snowballs with stones embedded inside them.

"I'm frightened in my own home. This is happening in broad daylight."

Miss Khidar reported the incident on Sunday lunchtime to the police.

However, she claimed that the police had "not done anything about it".

"I have filed complaints but have not seen the community officer", she said.

Officers said that they are investigating the reports of further anti-social behaviour and said residents in Knight Street are receiving ongoing support.

Another resident, Zoe Brickles, said she has been "targeted" since last August.

"I have had my windows egged, the front windows smashed and I've had kids throw a brick at me", the 25-year-old said.

She claims to have reported every incident to the police but raised concerns over the lack of action.

"We have rarely seen the police", she said.

Miss Brickles is moving house to another area of Bury, which, she said, is due to "stress" created by the ongoing anti-social behaviour.

A police spokeswoman said: “Police continue to work closely with key partners, including local housing provider Six Town Housing, to tackle antisocial behaviour and crime in and around Knight Street.

"That work has included installation of additional CCTV, and a civil injunction was also secured in January against one individual, following investigation of complaints from residents.

"An investigation has now been launched by police following reports of further antisocial behaviour and damage in Knight Street at the weekend.

“Residents experiencing issues are receiving active support from police and partners, which will continue.”