EARLIER today The Bury Times revealed the five biggest car accident hotspots in the town, according to Greater Manchester Police.

The top five are scattered around Bury, including areas such as Prestwich, Radcliffe, and the town centre.

While these are the biggest danger spots in the period between March 2017 and March 2018, data visualisation website Plumplot has compiled a heat map collating data over a six year period to show where the biggest accident hotspots were around the whole country.

It also allows users to see what dangerous roads there are in their local area.

The Bury Times has compiled a selection of these heat maps for different parts of Bury.

Bury town centre

Bury Times:

Around Bury town centre, one of the biggest problem areas appears to be the junction of Knowsley Street, Haymarket Street and A58 Angouleme Way.

There are also flashes of red around Bolton Street, as well as where Jubilee Way meets Peel Way.


Bury Times:

Along with the number one hotspot in Ainsworth Road, the other big hotspots in Prestwich seem to be along Bury New Road with large red spots by the Whitefield Interchange and Manchester Outer Ring Road.


Bury Times:

Along with Water Street in Radcliffe, the adjoining A6053 Spring Lane seems to be another dangerous area.


Bury Times:

In Ramsbottom, the junction of Central Street and Carr Street is highlighted, along with where Bolton Road West meets Nuttall Lane and Dundee Lane