FORMER EastEnders star Danniella Westbrook admitted she was still taking cocaine every week during an appearance on The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Asked by the show's host when she had last used the drug, Westbrook replied: "In the last seven days.

"Well, not in the last three days, because I've been with a friend of mine and she's a fighter and she won't let me do anything. Not a lot, a 40, half a gram.

Kyle asked her: "And how regularly are you taking it? Once a week?"

She replied: "Yeah, maybe once a week."

Westbrook expressed her exasperation at being labelled a "cokehead" by the press and people on social media, admitting she thought her reputation was unsalvageable.

She said: "I'm sick of getting bullied by people in the press, and with trolls, and I try my best, you know what, I was 14 years' clean.

"I could walk down Oxford Street with Jesus strapped to my back, you know, and people still would say 'cokehead'. I could resurrect God and people would still say 'cokehead', because that's the way it is."