A CONTESTANT on The Chase has come away with the largest amount ever won on the show by a single player.

Judith scooped £70,000 after facing Chaser Jenny 'The Vixen' Ryan singlehandedly in the final round after all her team mates were knocked out.

After winning a massive 20 steps Judith quizzed her way to victory, repeatedly pushing Jenny back, showing incredible knowledge on subjects from Hungarian currency and Czech car manufacturers to poetry and parliamentary upholstery.

The Chaser then gave Judith a standing ovation, it is reported, and told her "I've never done this before".

Presenter Bradley Walsh described Judith's record-breaking accomplishment as "Extraordinary" at the end of the episode.

Following the broadcast Jenny revealed the Judith had been a reserve contestant and was only called up to be on the show 24 hours before filming.

On twitter she wrote: "I've been awaiting the broadcast of this episode... Judith is such a memorable contestant!"

She added: ALL HAIL JUDITH! If I remember correctly, Judith was a standby contestant, and only found out she was on the show 24 hours before recording. I was well and truly beaten."

"Absolute perfect play by Judith. £70k at table with nothing to lose. She set a very strong 20, which forced me to rush slightly. Then capitalised on my errors by nailing pushbacks - which further put the time pressure on me, leading to more errors."