PLANS have been submitted to formally change the lawful use of an off licence in Whitefield to a religious centre.

The Park Lane site is home to the Chabad of Whitefield, and has been used as a Jewish religious centre for several years.

However the building is officially listed as an off licence and has been since it was purchased by the current owners in 2006.

The property has a complex planning history and has undergone several changes of use in its history.

According to the application, immediately after its purchase the property ceased to operate as an off licence and was converted to use as a book and gift shop.

In 2006 plans were submitted to change the ground floor of the property into a “casual cafe” with space for around 15 people.

The proposals were initially rejected before being resubmitted and approved two months later with conditions

Eleven years later the owners applied to make a single story extension at the side and rear of the building and alterations to the front elevation, which were once again rejected.

In January last year the first plans to formally convert the property, to a religious centre were submitted but refused.

A second application to convert the building was then made in June 2018, before being withdrawn.

However a third application to make the conversion was made in January of this year, submitted on behalf of Rabbi Shmuli Yaffe, and is now due to go before Bury Council.

The building presently serves as a Chabad and operates as a communal space for the surrounding Jewish community, offering services including library facilities, education programmes, group and over 60s meetings, prayer meetings and social events.