TWO Bury high schools have welcomed special guests from China to experience a lesson in culture.

Philips High School in Whitefield and Castlebrook High School in Unsworth hosted staff and students from their sister schools in the northern Chinese city of Datong.

Fifteen Chinese students arrived in the borough last month with their headteacher to learn about, and experience English culture.

The students were paired up with a buddy from Philips High School and attended lessons regarding our culture and the differing methods of teaching in England and China.

At Castlebrook they further explored a range of disciplines from maths to gastronomy and the work of Shakespeare.

They then also enjoyed a visit to the Bury Museum and for a tour at Old Trafford along with pupils from Philips High School.

At the end of the visit the Mayor of Bury, Councillor Jane Black, a former student of Philips High School, held an assembly thanking the sister schools for their visit.

Students from Datong have previously visited Bury to bond with pupils from primary schools, including Christ Church, Walshaw; St John’s, Radcliffe; and St Mary’s, Prestwich.

Philips High School hope to visit China to meet Datong No. 3 High School Group during the Easter break 2020.

Castlebrook headteacher, Sue Armstrong, said: “The rich experiences will, no doubt, remain in students’ memories forever whilst the key personal interactive learning of the week will well equip them for college, university and future careers.”