OPEN letter to Geoff Little, chief executive, Bury council.

The purpose of this letter is to highlight our concern regarding the recent indication from the Government that the target figures you have based the entire house building /infrastructure plan appear not to be mandatory.

We believe they are in fact to be used as guidelines only, (further to the recent parliamentary debate)

Bury Council so far has justified the scale of house building and the requirement to take so much green belt land, as essential to comply with Government policy house building targets.

There is clearly ambiguity of interpretations between the Greater Manchester local authorities (Spatial Framework) and that of the Government Ministry.

Clarification is now obviously needed before the Spatial Framework process can continue in its current shape and scale.

Whatever “politics” are likely to be involved between Central and Local Government across all parties, these are not our direct concern, but as we are the residents, obviously their consequences impact on lives.

With such huge ramifications at stake we would ask you to either withdraw or suspend your participation in the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework until these matters are fully resolved and understood by all concerned.

Chris Jackson

On behalf of Simister Village Community Association.