On June 23, 2016, this country voted in the biggest democratic vote ever to leave the EU.

Bury voted conclusively to leave by 54 per cent to 46 per cent with 71.43 per cent of the electorate voting ­— a substantial margin.

Since that date Parliament has done its best to obstruct, dilute and stop the implementation of that decision by the public.

The Labour party in its 2017 election manifesto supported the decision and voted for the activation of article 50 of the European Union treaty, but has now reneged on those commitments.

So much for democracy.

So what do our local MPs think about this?

I m a resident of Bury North and, like his party leader, James Frith has been noticeably absent when Brexit is the issue.

The only utterance I have heard or seen from Mr Frith was on Sunday Politics North West when he said that "Bury didn't vote to be poorer".

How does he know why a majority of his constituents voted to leave?

I voted to leave but don't recall him asking me. I voted to leave to be able to take back control of our own destiny, not to have unelected bureacrats decide and tell us what to do. It is also ironic in that the only way to be poorer is to vote for Corbyn in the next election.

So Mr Frith, where do you stand?

Will you respect the your constituents' decision or will you you ignore them and suffer the consequences?

Derek McMahon