FIREFIGHTERS are warning people to make sure they extinguish their cigarettes properly after figures show crews dealt with 42 smoking-related fires since 2014.

The statistics were released on Wednesday to coincide with No Smoking Day on Wednesday.

Neighbouring authority Bolton had the second highest number of fires ­— 84 in the same period ­— caused by carelessly discarded cigarettes in Greater Manchester.

In 2018/2019 firefighters have been called to 136 incidents caused by carelessly discarded sm

Paul Etches, GMFRS’ Head of Prevention, said: “Thanks to the quick work of our firefighters thankfully neither of these incidents developed into something much more serious.

“If you smoke, please make sure you put your smoking materials completely out. Putting a small amount of water on your ashes or cigarette butts is a quick and simple way to make sure you are not at risk of a fire.

“It is much safer to not smoke, but if you do, please follow our advice and make sure you have a working smoke alarm.”

Bev Hughes, Deputy Mayor said: “Our firefighters do an incredible job keeping everyone across Greater Manchester safe, at all times of day and night throughout the year. Find more information about smoking safely by visiting the GMFRS website.