A FAMILY had to be evacuated after their home became flooded in the heavy rains.

Fire crews were called to a large detached house at the junction of Manchester Road and Bury New Road in Ramsbottom at around 8.20am today.

Water had come streaming into the home from nearby countryside and fields, which have become waterlogged due to the severe weather in the borough.

The properties basement was completely flooded with the ground floor also filling with several inches of water ­— resulting in damage to furniture and flooring.

Water pumping equipment was deployed and fire crews spent several hours draining the flooded building.

Crews said that the property's occupants, including children, had to be evacuated and are understood to be staying with relatives.

Officers from Bury Council were also called to the scene to clear nearby blocked water drains.

A fire service spokesman said: "We were called to the house at around 20 past eight this morning.

"The water was coming off the countryside because the ground is too sodden. It was coming through gaps in the walls and any way it could.

"We did what we could but we could not stop anymore damage occurring.

"We were there for about three hours pumping water and trying to lower the level of the water in the basement.

"There's quite a bit of damage to house and the homeowners have quite a bit of work ahead of them.

"The grids have been unblocked by the local authority so the water is now draining away.

"There is still a lot of standing water and problems up there but we just have to hope it will drain away."