A RAMSBOTTOM man has been left unable to work after being injured in a crash on a notorious road.

Andy Kitchen and his partner Shelley Breen were on their way home from a meal when the taxi they were travelling in skidded on ice in Rawsons Rake two weeks ago.

After veering into a wall next to the road, the car then ricocheted into a garden wall outside a house.

Mr Kitchen, who lives in Victoria Street, was left with a broken arm and eye socket and has now been told he requires an operation involving metal plates and screws being inserted into his arm.

Meanwhile, Ms Breen was left with a black eye and several "bumps and bruises".

As well as leaving Mr Kitchen unable to attend work, the pair have also had to cancel a holiday they had planned to Turkey in May.

"It has been a huge inconvenience," said Ms Breen.

"We did not realise it had even snowed. The driver's sat nav took him down there.

"As we hit the hill, it was full of ice and the taxi had no control whatsoever.

"Had we not hit the wall so early, who knows what could have happened?"

Due to the snow and ice on the road, an ambulance was unable to reach the couple, meaning paramedics had to walk up the road to get to them.

"We were stuck in the middle of a dark lane panicking about another car coming down," said Ms Breen

"Had I known it was that bad, I would not have let him go down there."

The crash was one of two that happened within the space of a few hours in Rawsons Rake on Sunday, March 10.

Earlier in the evening, a black Jaguar hit a wall in front of a house.

Following the incident, residents living nearby submitted a petition calling for Bury Council to take action over the road.

They said they had been plagued by problems for a number of years, including speeding vehicles, congestion and damage to vehicles and property.

And the couple have now added their voices to the growing calls for action to be taken over the road.

Ms Breen said: "It has had eight or nine accidents this year alone so that speaks for itself.

"If the car had flipped then how is a fire engine meant to get up there when it is like that?

"We will certainly never go down that road ever again."

A spokesman for Bury Council said they would be examining "a range of options" for the road as part of wider traffic issues in the surrounding area.