CONCERNS were raised that Bury teenagers were taking Purple Drank.

The mixture of prescription strength cough syrup and a soft drink is thought to be being used by teenagers in the borough said Jon Hobday a public health consultant.

During a discussion about the town's approach to tackling alcohol and drug abuse in Bury Mr Hobday said Bury's children were finding "Xanax online" and "Purple Drank ­— codeine cough mix and energy drink ­— for a relaxant effect."

He said: "It's a concern for young people and our services are looking into that and we are picking up emerging trends quickly."

The drink was popularised in the 1990s by American rappers and is thought to have led to more than one high-profile hospital admissions.

Mr Hobday was talking during the health and wellbeing meeting at Bury Council last month.

Councillors were told about the work the public health team is doing to promote healthier lifestyles, in collaboration with other boroughs in Greater Manchester.

Mr Hobday told councillors there was a "big push" to put drugs and alcohol on everyone's agenda, when Cllr Andrea Simpson asked him about GPs approach to drugs.

She made the point that people signing up to GPs or undergoing a check up are asked about their alcohol in take but not usually asked about recreational drug use.

The Greater Manchester strategy to reduce harm caused by drugs and alcohol is looking to make recovery more community based, tying in with the creature of the Bury health neighbourhoods ­­— which sees all branches of health care in an area pulling together for a better service and a healthier town.