THE House of Commons cannot make up its mind on what to do with Brexit.

It seems the only majority opinion still rests with the British Electorate and the referendum result when a majority of 17.4 million people supposedly decided this country’s fate.

The question put to the electorate in 2016 was to leave or to remain in the EU ­— it was not to leave or stay with a deal.

This country’s election process rests on the first-past-the-post system which Remainers wish to overturn.

This goes to the heart of our democracy. If the House of Commons overrides this principle, then this country will face turmoil for years to come.

However, what is at stake goes deeper than that it is whether we wish to become an independent country again making our way in the world or whether we wish to become subservient to an EU which we can never vote out of office and which we will never be able to leave, taking orders without a voice.

The choice is clear.

If our politicians force the UK to remain trapped in the EU against the will of the majority who voted to leave, then they will have broken the trust of the British people and will be condemned by history.

It is interesting to note that more than 400 Remain MPs represent constituencies where there were majorities in favour of leaving the EU.

So much for them representing the interests of their constituents.

If the referendum had been an election based on constituencies, there would have been a landslide to leave the EU.

The hubris and contempt these MPs hold their constituents in is a disgrace and if they had an ounce of honour, they should stand down following this debacle which we are subjected to day after day.

Britain has faced many difficult times in its history. When you look back to the early 1940s, a majority of MPs wished to do a deal with Hitler’s Germany, fearing that we might lose the Empire.

Sound familiar ­— putting money before freedom? It took one man, Winston Churchill, to persuade the House of Commons to resist and take the hard road which the whole world and particularly Europe thanked us for.

We stand again with a similar difficult choice, but where, I ask, is leadership at this time of crisis?

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