HEALTH bosses in Bury are having to fill in an 85 question form every day as the country continues to lurch towards Brexit.

As part of NHS preparation for a no-deal Brexit situation Bury Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has been completing a lengthy questionnaire every day for the last two weeks.

This marks an increase in the NHS' involvement with CCGs over Brexit.

Deputy chief officer Margaret O'Dwyer spoke to the governing body on Wednesday, she said: "Whilst we have an action plan we have to return, every day, a situation report on 85 questions in respect of providing assurance that a number of things are in place.

"They cover commitments around continuity of several services, work force, data sharing. In respect of patients that move across the EU, the supply of vaccines, medicines and blood product.

"That was started two weeks ago and we ave to do it on a daily basis."

Two months ago the CCG agreed its action plan, like others around the country. In line with NHS guidance it was told to continue business as usual and not to stockpile any medicines as this was being done nationally not regionally.

Around 75 per cent of medicines used by the NHS come into the country via the European Union but the guidance is for CCGs, doctors, pharmacists and the public to not stockpile.

Guidance from NHS England says: “The government is working with pharmaceutical companies, suppliers, and the NHS, to make sure patients continue to receive the medication they need if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.”

Mrs O'Dwyer told the board the NHS was treating a no-deal Brexit as if it is a "serious incident" and she said senior NHS management was "leading the way".