IT is the sausage shaped delicacy that put the town on the map, beloved by many and hated by some ­— the humble but inimitable Bury black pudding.

Now a town centre pub is bringing an Italian twist to the town's most famous dish with an intriguing and exclusive black pudding pizza.

The curious culinary combination is being served at the Wyldes pub in Bolton Street at its new Pizza Station.

The station offers a range of freshly prepared stone-baked pizzas, all of which can be topped with black pudding as a tasty extra.

The pudding itself is produced by the award-winning Bury Black Pudding Company ­— the only manufacturers of the iconic foodstuff still based in the town.

A true Northern delicacy the special Bury black pudding breakfast pizza is also topped with Joseph Holt's ale sausage ­— made with the brewery's Two Hoots golden beer ­— alongside tomatoes, bacon, egg and Cheddar and mozzarella cheese.

Brendan Corder, Joseph Holt's food operations manager, said: “We`re delighted to celebrate the popularity and history of Bury`s most famous dish with a recipe that uses local products and yet caters for those who love the freshly baked taste of a stone baked pizza.”

Although synonymous with Bury, black pudding was first introduced to Britain by medieval European monks who called the product blutwurst.

The sausage shaped pudding, made with pigs' or cattle blood, is now enjoyed worldwide.

However, historians believe the first Bury black pudding was made and sold at Casewell’s Pudding Shop on Union Street in 1810.

The Wyldes pub is also steeped in heritage, located in the historic heart of Bury, and laying within site of the remains of Bury Castle and the East Lancashire Railway.

The pub recently underwent a huge, makeover including new bar, dining and lounge areas and function suite set over the establishment's three floors with a decorated mezzanine area.