REGARDING the report on the Bury Times website New parking charges could be introduced in Prestwich, Ramsbottom and Radcliffe to help cut council spending.

Let me make it clear ­— we have absolutely no intention of introducing car parking charges on council-owned car parks outside Bury town centre.

Each year we look at the provision of parking in the borough and what income these charges bring in, which is what the report that went to scrutiny outlined.

This report analysed all the reasons why car parking income was not meeting targets ­— from the rise in online shopping to the fact that there are now more private car parks than council-owned ones in Bury town centre.

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It explained that it would be possible to bring in more money if we introduced parking charges in other towns in our borough.

However, we have always dismissed this option in the past – and we are continuing to do so.

In fact, one of the first actions we took on taking control of the council in 2011 was to remove car parking charges in Prestwich imposed by the Conservative/LibDem coalition.

Cllr Alan Quinn

Sedgley Ward