"COWBOY builders" left piles of rubbish, trails of thick dust, uneven walls and ceilings, and door latches buried in plaster after carrying out work at a house, a furious tenant has said.

Around a year ago Chris Wilson, aged 48, applied for Six Town Housing to fit a new bathroom and kitchen, including electrics, at his home in Ferngrove, where he lives with his two sons.

The housing association contracted builders from the Wigan-based firm A Connolly Ltd to start work on March 27.

However Mr Wilson says he has been left shocked by the "shoddy" and "amateurish" work carried out by the firm.

Mr Wilson described Connolly's as "not up to scratch", adding: "It is tax payers who are footing the bill and the quality of work is disgusting.

"There's not a level wall in my house and a lot of the ceilings are not even straight and the window's are not square. Plus the door latches are half buried in plaster."

Other problems described by Mr Wilson included thick dust and a trail of plaster through his house after builders failed to put down plastic sheeting.

Bins of rubble and metal were also left outside his house and patch plaster work was skimmed over his wallpaper.

He also alleges that builders used a piece of skirting board he had purchased to use instead of the "cheapest of the cheap" MDF they supply, and fitted it out of sight behind his fridge and washing machine.

Mr Wilson said: "I have been waiting 22 years for this work and there are people on my estate who have had three kitchens put in while I have waited. I feel like I was passed over because I was working."

He added: "It is not just me, it's my neighbours as well who have had the same horror stories."

Mr Wilson says he has since been in contact with Six Town Housing and A Connolly Ltd to complain about the issues.

A spokesperson from Six Town Housing said: "We are looking into this matter and will be actively working with the contractor and the tenant regarding this."

Simon Harrison, managing director of A Connolly Ltd, said: "We understand that a tenant of Ferngrove has raised concerns over the standard of renovation work at his property, and as we take such matters very seriously, we have asked for full details of these issues of which we be happy to look in to, but as yet we have not had the requested information."