VOTERS go to the polls on Thursday, May 2 for the local council elections.

Bury is a metropolitan borough council and one third of the 51 seats are up for grabs this year.

Each of the 17 wards that constitute Bury Council include three seats, and one seat in each is up for election this year.

There are 71 candidates standing for election across the whole of Bury.

On election day, the polling booths will open at 7am.

After they close at 10pm that night, the ballot boxes will be assembled for vote counting.

The results will be announced in the early hours of Friday, May 3.

In Bury the ruling Labour group will lose its majority if it fails to defend five seats and make no gains in the election.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives would have to win seven Labour seats in order to become the biggest party.

Whatever happens, readers can follow all the excitement of the election count on the Bury Times website, where we will run a live blog on the night and deliver the results as they are announced.

In the meantime, here is a guide to all the candidates standing for election.

We have asked every party for 50 words from each candidate. Here, we have included words from all the candidates who sent in their submissions, plus the names of those also standing.


Dominic Jackson, Liberal Democrats

Public transport worker from Bury

Jordan Lewis, Conservative

Student from Whitefield

“I want to show that Besses doesn’t have to be neglected and the area doesn’t have to be taken for granted anymore. The council wants to build on 35% of Besses greenbelt and we need someone to stand up for our area.”

Stephen Morris, English Democrats

Trade Unionist from Unsworth

“My priority is to stop Labours destruction of our green belt land, which is unnecessary, and to stop their attack on low income families with their massive tax rises.”

Andrea Simpson, Labour

NHS manager from Prestwich

“Having lived locally with my family for the last 20 years, I care passionately about our community and want to make it a better place for everyone. I will fight to protect our public services and if re-elected I will continue to work hard for the residents of Besses.”

Jessie Smart, Green Party

Trainee scientist

“Jessie Smart, parent of a toddler first, studying Biomedical Science at Manchester Metropolitan University second. Jessie aspires to become a doctor of pathology and standing as candidate, wants to tackle air pollution, recycling accessibility and building a strong community, holding the value of social justice and equal opportunity.”


Lynda Arthur, Liberal Democrats

Primary school teacher from Bury

“I support the development of a cleaner and safer environment which needs to become a priority for us in Bury to ensure we are fit for purpose for the 21st century. Improvements in cycle routes and safe walking routes are essential to help Bury develop its Green Travel Initiative.”

Jackie Harris, Conservative

Retired from Bury

“My priorities for Church Ward are to save our precious green belt and build affordable homes on brownfield sites. I will also lobby to suspend the illogical Bolton Road bus lanes, ensure Church Ward receives its fair share of highways funding and continue fighting to curb the fly tipping epidemic.”

Nicole Haydock, Green Party

Retired college lecturer

“Nicole has two grandchildren. She has a strong track record as a community and green activist. Nicole campaigned to save libraries and is a director of Friends of Dumers Lane Community Centre. If elected, she will seek to deliver practical solutions to tackle air pollution, homelessness and poverty in Bury.”

Sam Turner, Labour

NHS staff from Seddon’s Farm

“I’m standing as councillor because it’s time for a sensible and pragmatic representative to stand up for people in Church Ward. I’m not interested in unrealistic promises or raising my own profile, I care about helping people as best I can through listening and working for the whole community.”


Liam James Dean, Conservative

Supply Chain Analyst from Walshaw

“I want to champion the needs of the residents of East ward, improve the state of the roads and protect Bury’s greenbelt.”

Gavin McGill, Labour

Stay at home parent from Fairfield

“Harmful, government-imposed austerity makes things worse for everyone. As your current East ward councillor and a candidate in the upcoming local election, I pledge to fight this damaging, regressive policy and do all I can to support every member of our amazing community.”

Paul Petzer, Green Party

Stephen Stokes, Liberal Democrats

International Admissions Officer from Bury

“I support protecting our green belt. We need someone who will hold the ruling Council to account, and take action on potholes and faulty street lighting. I want to stand up for care provision in our community to ensure vulnerable and elderly people get the service they deserve.”


Charlie Allen, Green Party

From Bury

“Charlie has lived in Bury for 13 years. Charlie is particularly concerned about climate change and is active in the anti-fracking campaign. If elected, Charlie will work hard to save our Green Belt whilst promoting the construction of desperately needed affordable housing on brownfield sites and tackle air pollution.”

Michael Hankey, Conservative

Accountant from Hollins

“I am proud to be selected again to stand for Elton ward. If re-elected, I shall continue to stand up for all the people of this area and to make their views heard. I shall campaign strongly to get the best for the people of Brandlesholme, Woolfold and Woodhill.”

Charlotte Morris, Labour

Public Affairs Manager from Bury

“I was born and raised in Bury and I want to represent my town and my community. I want everyone growing up in Bury to have the same chances I did, and I will fight for fair investment in education, health, roads and policing to achieve this.”

Jacob Royde, Liberal Democrats

Accountant from Prestwich


Peter Curati, Green Party

Science teacher from Prestwich

“Peter has lived in Prestwich for 13 years. He is a science teacher in a local secondary school.  A keen cyclist, Peter wants to see an extension of cycle tracks across the Borough and a review of all cycle lanes. He is firmly against the government’s local government cuts.”

Kevin McGill, UKIP

Chris Neville, Labour

Operations Support Manager from Whitefield

“I joined the Labour party in 2015 after becoming disillusioned with the austerity-driven policies implemented by the Tory-Lib Dem coalition. If elected, I pledge to be an active, community-driven councillor who will give the residents of Holyrood a voice on Bury Council, guided by traditional Labour party values.”

Cristina Tegolo, Liberal Democrats

Architect from Prestwich

“I believe that a fairer community is a stronger community and that people should come before politics. I am passionate about protecting our green belt land around Prestwich. I will be a strong voice in the Town Hall working hard to support local residents and our local services.”

Bernard Vincent, Conservative

Retired from Prestwich

“I have lived in Bury for almost 35 years and have previously been a councillor for 14 years. I care passionately about the future of our area and I am committed to making sure our area is great place to live and work for everyone regardless of background or income.”


Stefanie Moore, Green Party

Sohail Raja, Conservative

Business Owner from Bury

“I want to provide a comprehensive casework service for all residents of Moorside. I want to ensure local residents have good access to public services such as quality educational facilities. I am also committed to improving parks, road infrastructure, and reducing crime.”

Sarah Southworth, Labour

Charted accounted

“In the four years since I was first elected I have been a hard-working advocate for the residents of Moorside. I am seeking re-election to continue this, and to stand up for the residents of this borough who have been so badly let down by the current Conservative Government”.

Gavin Warnes, Liberal Democrats

From Prestwich


Ewan Arthur, Liberal Democrats

From Bury

Mary Heath, Green Party

Administrator from Walmersley

“Mary has lived in Bury for 22 years. She is married with 3 grown up children. Mary works part-time as an administrator for a bird watching tour company. She is committed to protect the green belt, our natural habitat and animal welfare. Mary will work to promote food growing projects.”

Khalid Hussain, Conservative

Re-settlement Lead and Justice of the Peace from Bury

“My priorities are to ensure that local residents live in an environment that they feel safe in and obtain the services for which they are entitled. I want good local schools, recreation spaces, youth facilities, and meaningful employment for all residents in North Manor to succeed in life.”

Tom Pilkington, Labour

Carer from North Manor

“North Manor is my home, having attended Springside CP & Woodhey. Caring deeply for local communities. A keen activist, that fought to save Bury’s Walk In-Centres, campaigner for Autism Awareness. Opposing austerity and its impact on police, school cuts and potholes. I will be a strong voice for North Manor.”


Robert Caserta, Conservative

From Prestwich

“I’ve been a Councillor for Pilkington Park for nine years during which time I have been a Governor of St Monicas High School for eight years and held numerous positions on Planning, Licensing and chaired Overview & Scrutiny as well as holding the Children’s Services Portfolio.”

Anthony Clough, UKIP

Andrew Cross, Liberal Democrats

Marketing director from Prestwich

“I come from a very humble background but have been lucky in my life and career. I want to help ensure that people don’t have to rely on luck alone. I am keen to ensure that people have the best possible opportunities to live the best possible lives they can.”

Eddy Redmond, Labour

From Whitefield

Myriam Salama-Carr, Green Party

Retired professor from Bury

“Myriam Salama-Carr is a retired professor of languages and has lived in Bury for thirty years.  She is committed to environmental protection and animal welfare.  If elected, Myriam will work to promote safer, fairer communities, through the building of affordable environment-friendly new housing, and the protection of the Green Belt.”


Evelyn Doyle, Labour

Local Government Officer from Radcliffe

“I live in Radcliffe East and if elected will work hard to represent the interests of all our community. Our area has many strengths, but I want to address concerns about anti-social fly tipping, potholes, parking around the station and especially getting a secondary school in Radcliffe.”

Stephen Lewis, Liberal Democrats

Project manager from Bury

“I’m standing because it is the right thing to do. We have an opportunity to move from two party politics and make a real difference to our communities. Shifting away from the status-quo and make a change for the better. Tackling issue that real people have in their daily lives.”

James Mason, Independent (Radcliffe First)

Service manager from Radcliffe

“Why vote for an Independent? A vote for me is a vote for putting Radcliffe First. My agenda will be set by the good folk of our town and given the honour of being elected I would work tirelessly to get the best deal possible for Radcliffe.”

Luis McBriar, Conservative

Finance Broker from Bury

“Radcliffe has been neglected by Bury council for years, I am standing so Radcliffe has a councillor who cares about Radcliffe, the baths and civic suite have been destroyed and now there’s plans to concrete over the greenbelt. I’ll oppose the GMSF, campaign for a new school and ensure investment.”


Sam Hurst, Conservative

Teacher from Radcliffe

“Radcliffe and Ainsworth families desperately deserve a new High School – my main campaign issue. I work as a high school teacher and am passionate about education in the town. If elected, working with my Conservative colleagues I will submit plans to the Education Secretary on opening a Radcliffe Free School.”

John Meara, Green Party

“I am standing as a candidate to give people an alternative. Many of the problems which we face, such as climate change, can only be solved together with other nations. We need to build more homes for local people, but this shouldn’t be at the expense of the Green Belt.”

Rodney Rew, Liberal Democrats

Retired from Radcliffe

Jamie Walker, Labour

Community Development and Young People’s Worker from Radcliffe

“I was born, raised and have lived in Radcliffe all of my life. I first got involved 10 years ago to fight against the Conservative’s plan to close Radcliffe Riverside and their continuous neglect of Radcliffe. Now I’m leading the movement to bring investment and activity in to the town.”


Carol Birchmore, Independent (Radcliffe First)

Instrumentation Engineer from Radcliffe

“I am an ordinary person not a career politician. I will ensure that Radcliffe’s needs are listened to. I want to see Radcliffe become the place to live. I will be Independent, so I won’t have to toe the party line just do what is best for Radcliffe.”

Kamran Islam, Liberal Democrats

NHS worker from Radcliffe

David Lewis, Conservative

Retired from Radcliffe

“Having lived in the ward for ten years, I’ve always taken a keen interest in local community issues. A founder member and chair of the Chapelfield Village Association, I was for several years a governor of Philips High and am deeply concerned and heavily involved in interfaith activities throughout the borough.”

Beth Mortenson, Labour

Student from Radcliffe

“I have lived in Radcliffe all my life. My priorities are to continue the regeneration of the town centre, campaign for a new secondary school for Radcliffe and for more police on our streets. I will also work tirelessly to tackle littering and flytipping.”

Andrew Truelove, Green Party

“Andrew has been a member of the Green Party for a number of years. Originally from Bedfordshire he has lived and worked in Greater Manchester since 2012. If elected, priorities would include: more funding for public transport, protect public services, more affordable homes on brownfield sites and protecting the greenbelt.”


Louise Bancroft, Green Party

“I want our community to have the opportunity to vote for a party which represents sensible policies on social equality, the environment, climate change and sustainable economic growth. As someone who has always lived in and loved the Ramsbottom area, we need green voices now more than ever.”

Clare Cummins, Labour

Mental health professional from Ramsbottom

“A mental health professional, I’ve seen how damaging social isolation can be. Community engagement such as the toddler’ outdoor play sessions and outreach events I organise can repair gaps in support services. A community allotment is underway, and there are plans for a bus service for Peel Brow Estate.”

Gregg Fletcher, Conservative

Small Business Owner from Ramsbottom

“I’m a local Ramsbottom businessman who wants to ensure Ramsbottom continues to be one of the best places to live, work and visit in the country. I organise the Ramsbottom Chocolate Festival, Farmers Markets and other events and have a positive vision for our town’s future.”

David Foss, Liberal Democrats

Retired teacher from Tottington


Shahbaz Arif, Conservative

Small Business Owner from Bury

“I’m standing for Redvales as I believe Labour have badly neglected the area. Resident’s concerns over fly-tipping, potholes, anti-social behaviour and flooding have been ignored for years and I want to make sure action is taken. I am passionate about public services and want to make sure they are invested in.”

Paul Johnstone, Green Party

School supervisor from Bury

“Paul Johnstone has lived in Bury all his life. Aged 33, he has been involved with helping vulnerable adults for the past thirteen years.  Paul is currently working as a school supervisor.  If elected, Paul will work hard to find solutions to the largely hidden homelessness crisis in Bury.”

Gareth Lloyd-Johnson, Liberal Democrats

Campaigns officer from Prestwich

“I was born and brought up in Redvales Ward and I’m very proud to call Bury my hometown. We need a healthier town with better air quality, a focus on mental as well as physical health and greater integration across communities. Those are the things that I am standing for.”

Clare Walsh, Labour

Teacher from Redvales

“I live in the heart of Redvales ward on St. Peter’s Road with my husband and three children. I work as a teacher at Holy Cross College and I’m active in the local community, campaigning for better parks and safer roads and against Tory austerity which has damaged local services.”


Richard Gold, Labour

Sales Agent from Sedgley

“In spite of nine years of Conservative austerity, Labour has still managed to make many improvements in Prestwich. I’ve lived in Sedgley for 28 years and if elected i will work to deliver for Sedgley and stand up for residents’ interests on Bury Council.”

Daniel Kallmunzer, Conservative

Operations Controller from Prestwich

“I started off in the UK 15 years ago as a milkman. Now I work in a management capacity for one of the biggest dairies in the North West. For me, the time has come to give something back to the local community which helped me to settle and let me thrive.”

Elena Lenzi, Liberal Democrats

Architect & interior designer from Prestwich

“Italian by birth, English by choice. I’m standing as a local council candidate to remind our community of its greatness and strength; that Prestwich is a place that welcomes and embraces everyone. I will protect our resources and help develop our social and economic growth, together as a strong community.”


Noel Bayley, Labour

Local Government Officer from Whitefield

“Bury’s had its settlement cut by £1 million a month, every month by vicious Tory Government cuts. Despite this Bury has fared better under a strong Labour Council during eight tough years of Austerity than many other towns and we need to fight this to keep services going in Prestwich.”

Emlyn Begley, Green Party

Journalist from Prestwich

“Emlyn is from Limerick, Ireland and has lived in Prestwich since 2013. He is a BBC Sport journalist. Emlyn thinks it’s important for people who care about the environment and a compassionate society to be able to vote for policies they want and not just the ones they’d settle for.”

Zadok Day, Conservative

Legal Administrator from Whitefield

“Bury has given a lot to me over the years and I now feel its time to give something back. I’m committed to ensuring that Bury is the great place to be educated, work and raise a family.”

Michael Powell, Liberal Democrats

Primary school teacher from Prestwich

“Prestwich is a great place to live and it would be a privilege to serve local residents and put our communities first. If elected, I will work hard to support local residents in tackling a range of pressing issues such as tackling congestion and protecting our green spaces.”


Samantha Deas, Green Party

Anthony McCaul, Labour

Andy Minty, Liberal Democrats

Energy Analyst from Bury

“I am passionate about our local environment. I want to bring innovative ideas to tackle pollution. Together we need to protect the green belt and push to enhance public transport. New houses should be built on brownfield sites. Let’s push back against the ruling elite.”

Yvonne Wright, Conservative

Self Employed from Ramsbottom

“I am one of the few Bury Councillors actually born here. I have given my full commitment in representing residents of Tottington Ward for 19 years. My big priorities are to protect our green belt at Walshaw and ensure Island Lodge is fully restored to its former glory.”


Ugonna Edeoga, Liberal Democrats

Security from Prestwich

“My mission as your councillor will be to serve the community of Unsworth. I stand for values of liberty, equality and community and I will work my hardest to provide Unsworth with the strong independent voice it needs at the Town Hall.”

Joan Grimshaw, Labour

From Unsworth

“Since first being elected as your Councillor in 2002, I’ve been a strong voice for Whitefield and Unsworth. I’ve always lived in Whitefield and Unsworth. I pledge to continue to fight for our communities, bringing better facilities and improving and making safer this area as I have always done."

Glyn Heath, Green Party

Scientist from Walmersley

Glyn Heath is married with 3 grown up children. Glyn specialises in the design and making of artificial limbs. Glyn has served as a councillor and was deputy chair of the Planning Control Committee.  If elected, Glyn will oppose developments on the Green Belt and promote grass roots democracy.

Anton Slawycz, Conservative

Quality Engineer from Whitefield

“I grew up locally, going to St. Monica’s, before attending Holy Cross College. I now work in the Aerospace and Defence industry and I’m actively involved in the community. I’m a member of Bury Folk because I care passionately about our greenbelt and want to preserve it for future generations.”