COMPLAINTS have been made after a bus shelter was destroyed by vandals.

Residents in Prestwich said they were "outraged" after the glass shelter near the entrance to Heaton Park in Bury Old Road was smashed leaving shattered glass strewn across the pavement and road.

Others took to social media to raise their concerns, with some posting that they had seen and heard a group of teenagers causing the damage at about 4am on Saturday.

Resident Kirsty Mason said: "We noticed the damage as we were passing on Saturday morning.

"I was disgusted to see that another part of our village has been vandalised. This has been happening a lot over the past few months.

"Whoever did this didn't even think young children would be walking to the park with parents and have to see the mess vandals have left, its truly outrageous."

She added: "There should be more security in any way shape or form to use as a deterrent to stop vandals tearing up our village."

The bus shelter, opposite Whittaker Lane, is used by services 90, between Prestwich, Heaton Park and Simister, and route 135 between Manchester, Cheetham Hill, Heaton Park, Whitefield and Bury.

One individual posted on Facebook: "Has anyone got any idea why four silly boys have smashed Heaton Park bus stop!

"All looked around about 16, wearing dark clothing.

"This happened at about 4am this morning. Thanks for waking up the whole street."

Another resident said they had reported the damage to Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) asking for it to be made safe.

TfGM said the damage had been reported to them. Their teams replaced the glass on Tuesday, April 23.