A PUB landlady and her family had to flee from their home after their new car was set on fire.

Leanne Doherty, who runs the Lord Clive pub in Whitefield, said her children have been left "terrified" following the blaze in the early hours of this morning.

Shocking video footage shows an arsonist pouring a flammable liquid from a jerrycan over the bonnet and roof of their Range Rover before the entire vehicle is engulfed in flames.

Greater Manchester Police are investigating the fire.

Mother-of-four Miss Doherty said: "We want them caught. My kids are absolutely terrified.

"We were awake when it happened — we had not long shut the pub — and saw the lads tipping the petrol over the car.

"The car was right near the main exit, so I was panicking that we couldn't get out. I was worried about our children. The car went up in flames straight away. The flames were as high as the windows upstairs. I was screaming.

"By the time we had made our way out through the pub, they had run away."

The vehicle was parked on the driveway behind the pub in Mersey Drive when it was set alight.

The family had bought the car — a black Range Rover Sport — just three months ago at a cost of about £6,000.

It was completely destroyed in the blaze which occurred shortly before 1.15am.

Miss Doherty, her partner, and five children fled from the flat above the pub.

"We have worked hard all our lives", the 29-year-old landlady said. "We have just bought the car we have always wanted. We always said one of our goals was to get a Range Rover. We have only had it three months.

"Hopefully the insurance will pay out for it but the car doesn't matter; it's the affect it has had and will continue to have on my children that matters."

A Facebook post of the CCTV on Unsworth, Sunnybank & Hollins News has been shared more than 1,500 times.

Miss Doherty shared the videos on Facebook and posted: "Two men set light to our car right outside the main pub exit. My four children and one of my daughter's friends were asleep, woke up and are absolutely terrified and heartbroken. We are trying to run a business. This is arson and if we were all asleep it could have spread and killed my family. This isn't the first incident that has happened but this is too far.

"Please if anyone has any information about this we would be grateful. Police have CCTV and have taken the jerrycan for fingerprints, and are searching all petrol stations."

The Lord Clive was also targeted in January when the pub windows were smashed.

A police spokeswoman said: "Police were called at 1.15am to reports that a car was on fire in Mersey Drive.

"Enquiries into the circumstances are ongoing."