CHURCH families gathered together on the green slopes of Holcombe Hill to celebrate Easter.

The joyous occasion — a sunrise service — featured music and singing as well as a short talk about the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In the Christian faith, Easter is a time when believers celebrate that their Saviour rose from the dead — a miracle which gives them hope that Jesus is alive and at work in the world today.

The event on Sunday, which has been running for more than 30 years, was organised by Churches Together In Ramsbottom, who have also launched a campaign asking residents 'Do You Know Him?'

Rev Paul Sumsion of Holcombe and Hawkshaw Parish, who led the service, said: "We gathered at 7am. It was an early start so there was a sense of people feeling half asleep but that brought a reality to it; the women in the Bible went to Jesus' tomb very early in the morning, expecting to be embalming His body but finding that the stone had been rolled away.

"We joined together to celebrate the joy of Jesus' resurrection and the difference that makes not just historically but day-by-day, bringing life and hope.

"The sunrise service has been growing steadily every year.

"We are also really excited about our new campaign, which has been running for about 10 weeks.

"We are inviting people to think about who Jesus is."

The service took place at the bottom of Holcombe Hill off Moorbottom Road. About 50 people gathered at dawn for the 30-minute service, which included a sermon given by John Isley from Holcombe Brook Methodist Church.

The gathering then made their way to Holcombe School to enjoy a breakfast of bacon sandwiches and hot drinks.

A range of events are scheduled across Ramsbottom to continue the joint campaign.

To find out more visit doyouknowhimRammy on Facebook.