FAR-right activist Tommy Robinson was in Breightmet on what he described as a "real British estate" as part of his campaign trail for the upcoming European elections ­— while a "unity rally" in the face of "division and hate" was taking place in the town centre.

Around 150 people gathered in the Dome Park area of Breightmet, in Toronto Street, to hear Mr Robinson talk about his election hopes as the North West Member of the European Parliament.

The visit follows similar stops in Warrington and Bury.

Surrounded by his minders, Mr Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, took to a stage to chants of "Tommy", as a number of police vehicles were parked nearby on Bury Road.

Mr Robinson, who is standing as an independent candidate, said: "It's good to be in Bolton.

"We are here because I know counter-protestors won't come on estates like this.

"We are here because these are the real estates.

"This is a real British public, the people who live real lives, who understand the real problems, the people who have been betrayed in every town and city."

He added: "If we get the people these estates, 75 per cent of our country are working class, they are from our background.

"Ninety-six per cent of those traitors in Parliament are middle class, their children are privately educated, they know nothing about the lives we live, they are not us and they do not care.

"I can guarantee you if I'm voted in, when I'm voted in , Tommy is going to be your MEP."

Mr Robinson stopped for selfies before leaving Breightmet.

Donation buckets were going round in a bid to collect money to fund his campaign.

There was opposition to his visit, with Bolton Stand Up to Racism and Unite Against Fascism releasing a joint statement, signed by 47 people, including MPs, MEPs, councillors, and various religious representatives.

A "unit rally" took place in Victoria Square between 2pm and 4pm, where people were urged to exercise their vote to keep Mr Robinson out of the European Parliament.

Leaflets were given out and representatives of the rally spoke of passing shoppers about the importance of the rally.

Laila Hassan said: "The most important message today is to make people aware that to stop Tommy Robinson from being elected is to use your vote.

"We need to vote in the Euro elections."

"This has been a show of unity and solidarity in the face of hatred and division.

"People have been taking away leaflets to distribute in their workplace and their area.

She urged people to join the movement to stop the spread of the far right in this country and across Europe.