A RAMSBOTTOM pub has teamed up with a community group to host a series of games mornings throughout the summer.

Holcombe Tap will host the events each Thursday in conjunction with Rammy Men, a group that was set up last year to provide an environment for men to socialise and forge support networks.

The first games morning will take place at the pub, in Bolton Road West, from 10am-midday on May 23, and is "aimed at anyone who fancies a chat, a brew and a bacon butty."

Organiser Rob Moss said: "I've worked from home for years, and you end up going a bit nuts after a while, just staring at a computer.

"I'm also a bit of a sucker for board and pub games, particularly the more unusual ones like Bar Billiards and Carrom ­— mainly because my wife normally batters me at Backgammon and Monopoly.

"I also have a number of recently retired mates who seem to be climbing the walls with boredom, so I thought that a weekly games session would be a bit of an excuse to get off our backsides for an hour or two, have a bit of a get-together, and do something with a bit of social."

As well as participants, the group is on the lookout for any unwanted games, ranging from dominoes, bar skittles or bagatelle through to board games such as Monopoly or Scrabble.

Holcombe Tap will also be providing refreshments for those taking part.

Anyone interested in taking part or donating a game, should call 07944038512 or visit www.facebook.com/menoframmy.