IT has been a big 12 months for a young Bury business who have found fame on primetime TV and received the backing of one of the biggest names in British business.

Last year, Unsworth-based waste removal firm Busy Bins, became the stars of the ITV series Give It A Year, hosted by star of BBC's The Apprentice, Karren Brady.

The show followed the company, and other small businesses, for 12 months, tracking their successes and failures to see how far they would get.

Busy Bins was founded in 2014 by entrepreneur and self professed "glorified bin man" Joshua Morris who sought to help families and householders struggling to manage their waste with council collections once every three weeks.

The idea proved a hit and one year on the company has grown to cover most of Greater Manchester.

However it seems the show and Ms Brady also left their mark on Busy Bins as can be seen in the firm's hilarious new promo video, titled Give It Another Year.

The tongue-in-cheek advert pokes fun at how hard to cope Mr Morris has found it since Ms Brady left, showing the entrepreneur inseparable from a cardboard cutout of the businesswoman.

In the video he can been seen taking the cutout in the lorry to collect bins and even playing golf with it, while his exasperated staff are desperate for help.

Mr Morris said: "We wanted to show our customers and social media followers how much change has happened since we appeared on ITV’s Give It A Year, this is why we made Give It Another Year.

"We didn’t just want to be like every other company and make a dull slideshow of what we have done, we wanted to hopefully give a few people a laugh whilst showing what has changed and we feel our new video does that, because we all know rubbish can be boring."