A TRAVELLERS camp has been set up at Dunelm car park in Radcliffe — for the second time in seven weeks.

Residents have called for action to be taken by police, while others raised concerns about several dogs that are "loose" on the top car park.

Complaints were also made about travellers in Walshaw Road, Bury, at the weekend.

A new camp was established at the Asda car park in Radcliffe, at Riverside Retail Park, on Sunday.

There are currently between eight and 10 caravans set up at Dunelm's car park in Green Street, who are believed to have been there since Monday.

A spokeswoman for Dunelm said: "We are in touch with the authorities and are arranging to provide a solution via the appropriate legal channels."

A post shared on the Spotted: Radcliffe Facebook on Monday reads: "Son was walking through Asda car park yesterday and the travellers are back.

“They had about six dogs, not tied up that ran at him from the site and bit him so off to A&E this morning for a tetanus jab. Not sure if they are still there but if they are be careful walking past.”

In January last year, police seized a dog that they believed was responsible for a number of attacks which left two people requiring hospital treatment.

Seven reports of dangerous dogs were made in the Green Street area between December 31 and January 6.

A concerned resident said: "We saw travellers trying to break into a factory in Walshaw Road, Bury. They were moved on by the police.

"A new camp was set up on the Asda car park on Sunday. Then they were moved on again.

"Now there are travellers at Dunelm car park. They have been there since Monday."

Another resident said: "On Monday they were on the car park at Asda, around eight to 10 vans.

"My experience of travellers is a scary one. I tend to give them a wide berth now.

"I understand they were also at Dunelm too."

Another encampment was set up on Dunelm's car park in mid-April.

The store's private bailiffs were called in to remove the unauthorised occupiers.

Landowners have the right to remove trespassers from their land. This right can be delegated to a landowner's agent.

Travellers were also moved on from the site in January and April 2018.

The Radcliffe Times has approached Greater Manchester Police for comment.