RESIDENTS have hit out at the “lack of action” over a leaking pipe, which is understood to supply hundreds of homes.

The problem — an overflowing pool of water some six feet deep — has been ongoing for more than two months.

Work to fix the pipe, located in Higher Ainsworth Road, Radcliffe, has been postponed at least twice and residents say that “nothing has been done.”

A sign currently installed at the site states that there is an expected completion date of May 15.

It reads: “We’re working on the water pipes. Sorry for the inconvenience, we’ll be finished as soon as we can.”

Resident Joyce Taylor, who has lived in Higher Ainsworth Road for 56 years, said: “The water board come and check on it regularly, they keep looking at it and then they leave again.

“This is a huge pipe that supplies hundreds of people. Luckily we are not on the same line. The residents living next door have had to put down duckboard so they can get across the ginormous pool of water. It is washing the end of the road away.”

A previous sign stated that Morrison Utility Services were due to complete the work on April 30, 2019.

The existing sign states that sub-contractors T&K Gallagher Ltd were expected to complete work by May 15.

Another concerned resident said: “I phoned United Utilities at the end of March then again at the end of April. It looks like there has been no change. You can still hear the water hissing. It is a six-foot gaping hole, filled with water.”

United Utilities apologised for the disruption caused but said the repairs required were “more complex” than first thought.

A spokeswoman said: “We’re very sorry for the continued disruption our work on common land next to Higher Ainsworth Road is causing.

“Although we are maintaining access, we realise it’s inconvenient for local people.

“We had hoped to complete all repairs on May 15, but, after digging down and exposing the leak it is more complex than anticipated.

“This is the nature of engineering sometimes. It isn’t always possible to know exactly what lies underground until it is completely excavated.

“We will now have to shut down a large water main serving thousands of homes overnight, and temporarily change the way we bring water into the area using different pipes.

“This requires a lot of additional planning to ensure there is no impact on our customers.

“However, we hope to complete the work very soon.”