COMMUTERS experienced delays on the M60 near Whitefield and Prestwich due to a stranded vehicle.

A large goods vehicle had broken down on the anti-clockwise carriageway earlier this morning.

One lane of four was shut while a specialist recovery vehicle was called to the assist.

Highways England traffic patrols were called to the scene, at Junction 17.

The stranded vehicle has since been repaired and the road has been reopened.

Transport for Greater Manchester tweeted about the breakdown: "Travel update: M60 Junction 17 anticlockwise, 1 lane (of 4) is blocked due to a broken down vehicle."

Highways England also tweeted: "#M60 anticlockwise at #J17 (#Whitefield #Prestwich) #TrafficOfficers are on scene with a stranded large goods vehicle. Lane 1 (of 4) has been closed, and specialist recovery enroute."

They later shared this update: "Earlier stranded vehicle has been repaired and has now resumed. All lanes are now back open."