PLANS to build a four-storey block of flats at the site of a former Royal British Legion Club will once again come before decision-makers — more than three years after similar proposals were first proposed.

In October 2015, developers Architectural Solutions Ltd submitted plans to build a block of 19 apartments in Water Street, Radcliffe.

The former home of the Radcliffe branch of the Royal British Legion, which has now folded, and the attached care home were demolished, but the site has laid vacant ever since, attracting anti-social and criminal behaviour.

Now a new developer Mangrove Estates Ltd has submitted plans to build a four-storey block of 19 flats, each containing one or two bedrooms.

In a design and access statement submitted with the plans, Grays Architecture Ltd, on behalf of the developer, said: "The proposal will sit well in its immediate surroundings and make a positive impact to and enhance the character of the local area.

"The proposed scheme has been designed not only to be visually pleasing when looking from the outside as a passer-by but also fulfilling for people living in the development."

The 0.18-hectare site in question previously comprised two parts — one being the Royal British Legion Club and the other a sheltered care home. Both buildings have been demolished and the site is vacant. The Radcliffe branch of the Royal British Legion was forced to leave the building in 2006 due to dwindling membership and finances. The empty building was later destroyed by a fire. The care home was demolished in 2015 for safety reasons and fears of it collapsing.

New plans would involve the creation of 26 parking spaces, external landscaping and new pedestrian and vehicular access.

A row of garages in the north-west corner of the site would be demolished to make way for the development.

A crime impact statement carried out by Greater Manchester Police found that the northern part of the site has been subjected to anti-social and criminal behaviour.

Previous vehicular access via Water Street has been fenced off to prevent fly-tipping.

Between November 1, 2014, and October 31, 2015, there were 57 burglaries, 67 cases of criminal damage and 72 thefts reported within one sq. km of the development site.

Police urged developers to install a 2.1m high boundary fence to prevent illegal access, create a clear entrance in Water Street, ensure the communal amenity area can only be accessed by residents, and incorporate a cycle storage area.

To view the plans, search application number 63917 at