A CAMPAIGN to rebuild Tottington High School has been taken to Westminster.

Bury MP James Frith who is working with school leaders to have it rebuilt met with the Schools Minister after the school repeatedly had its rebuild plans cancelled under different schemes.

Mr Frith met with Lord Theodore Agnew to spell out the need for a new campus for the school, which he says has been “jilted at the altar three times”.

The MP for Bury North said plans for a new school were first put forward more than a decade ago under Labour’s Building Schools for the Future, a scheme which would have seen schools across Bury transformed but was scrapped by the Tory Government.

It was then put forward under two other schemes by the Conservatives but the new build failed to materialise.

Mr Frith started pressing for a new school after visiting it soon after he was elected. He went to Westminster to lobby the schools minister late last week.

He said: “The school has been jilted at the altar three times. The building planned for Tottington High School should be 11-years-old.

Mr Frith said that Lord Agnew listened to his arguments for a new school with a “sympathetic ear”.

“The minister was very sympathetic and agreed to continue the conversation,” said Mr Frith.

And Mr Firth said the fact the building should have been rebuilt more than a decade ago gives an indication of how much the building is needed.

Elton High School was rebuilt under the Priority School Building Programme paid for by the Education Funding Agency.

It was officially opened in December 2017.

Castlebrook High School in Unsworth is also being rebuilt.

Pupils will move into the new £12 million building in September. Tottington High School and Castlebrook High School are part of the Shaw Academy Trust, representatives of which accompanied Mr Frith on his visit to lobby the case for a new school.