ASBESTOS found at Bury Market has forced a business to close for three weeks.

Simpson Furniture was restocked and reopened yesterday after asbestos was discovered at the former Redmans stall which was taken down last month.

A total of five council workers who dismantled the stall were exposed but no contamination was found.

One member of staff told the Bury Times the council did not take the appropriate health and safety measures.

The man, who asked not to be named, said it took days for managers to inform employees of exposure.

He said: “It’s been badly handled. I’m just after justice and some form of an apology.”

The council workers were cleared of any health scares at a medical two weeks ago but they are still in discussions with the town hall about events.

Market traders have also voiced their frustrations about the way the incident was managed.

Philip Herdson of Well Shod Heel Bar said that waste firm Viridor discovered the asbestos during a collection and accused the council of not keeping traders sufficiently informed.

He said: “They were reluctant to give us any information as to what was happening.”

A council spokesman said: “Earlier this year we dismantled stalls with a view to reconfiguring space in the Market Hall.

“The demolition work was undertaken over the weekend when the market was closed. An examination of the materials taken away revealed the presence of asbestos among the debris.

“On its discovery, we immediately sealed off the demolished unit and brought in specialist contractors to monitor the site. They took a number of tests, both on the site and around the market, and no contamination was found.

“The public is not at risk, and the market has remained open throughout.

“In the interests of public safety, we will be carrying out examinations at other stalls in the market hall to make sure that there is no asbestos contained in their structures.”