'IT'S as easy as riding a bike' they say.

But whoever came up with that saying clearly hadn't tried to teach a five-year-old how to pedal without their stabilisers.

If your back is breaking from bending over during bike lessons with your little ones, there's a little-known secret being passed around the town's parks to help you.

Mum Anna Smith added: "We watched a dad teaching his son how to ride his bike when we were in the park.

"He made it look really easy so we went over and asked him what his secret was.

"He told us there was a video on YouTube that helped teach his child in less than 20 minutes.

"My husband took our son Theo out to give it a try and I wished them luck thinking it was never going to work.

"The next thing I know I've been WhatsApped a video of Theo grinning and riding his bike.

"We've told a few other parents about it so I think the word is spreading fast now."

The video was posted on the BikeRadar YouTube channel in 2016 but is proving to be a big hit this summer.

Tips from Isla Rowntree say parents should avoid the traditional way of starting kids off on a bike with stabilisers.

She adds soft grass is a bad place for a child's first lesson with smooth tarmac making it much easier for them to pedal.

When your child is ready to go, she advises you to stand behind the bicycle and the child and wedge the rear wheel between your feet and calves and support them under the armpits.

She adds: "It's easier for you as you don't have to bend over and as they get going you can gradually release your hold."

And within 30 minutes the video says you should hopefully get that 'wow' moment of seeing your child ride their bike.

You can watch the video in full by clicking play below.

How long did it take you to teach your child how to ride a bike?