A LAP-DANCING bar manager has been cleared to serve alcohol after a drinking conviction led police to object to her licence application.

Megan Church, 21, was granted a personal licence to supply alcohol at Baby Platinum in Manchester city centre.

The bar manager, who lives near Whitefield, was caught drunk in the driver’s seat of her car in Chinatown with the keys in the ignition, but the engine was not switched on.

Greater Manchester Police objected to her application because of this conviction, but she appealed to councillors at a licensing hearing panel at the town hall on Monday.

She said: “The offence for which I was convicted was a lapse in my own personal judgment. I didn’t consider the ramifications of my actions. I do recognise the seriousness of the charge. I acknowledge the reasons why the offence challenges whether it’s appropriate to consider renewing my licence.

“I would like to express to you all today the level of commitment I have to my role and I have no intention of being so short minded again. I am confident in my ability, not only as a manager, but as a member of the public, to deliver a responsible and mindful service in accordance with the licensing guidelines of the city if I am given the chance to do so.”

Miss Church has been employed by ABA Leisure for two years and became a manager in November. She told the panel that company policy states she must hold a personal licence.

PC Greg Scott urged councillors to reject the application, especially because the conviction was alcohol related.

Miss Church corrected the officer, who wrongly said she had been drink driving, and told the panel that she had no intention to drive on the night.

She was in the vehicle with her friend who was trying to ring a taxi and she put the heating on as it was a cold night, she told councillors.

But PC Scott said she should have waited elsewhere. He said: “If she was cold, it would have been better to go and have a coffee in McDonald’s rather than be sat in the vehicle.”

In response, Miss Church said she had been in Greggs before moving to the car to call a taxi from a more “accessible” spot.

Licensing chair, Cllr Tahir Rafiq, informed Miss Church of the decision to grant the personal licence.

He said: “Although the offence was very serious, we are satisfied that you will uphold the licensing objectives and that there will not be a repeat of this type of offence or any other offence in the future. Hopefully you will improve yourself.”

Greater Manchester Police can appeal the decision by Bury Council.