A SHOP that was targeted by an offender has called on other businesses to be vigilant.

Staff at The Little Sweet Shop Co in Radcliffe arrived on Tuesday morning to find that the back door had been smashed.

A man managed to "scare off" the intruders, according to staff who expressed their thanks to the resident.

The employees said they have contacted Greater Manchester Police about the damage to their store in Ainsworth Road.

They shared this post on their Facebook page shortly before midday on Tuesday: "Well we are gutted here at the sweet shop this morning, someone has smashed the back door and tried to break into our little shop.

"Thankfully we have a lovely chap and his dog who lives up top and and managed to scare them off.

"We never keep cash on site anyway but we love our little shop and we love your reactions when you come and see us.

"We have obviously been in touch with the police but we’d really appreciate you sharing this so other people in the area know to be vigilant. Much love."

The Little Sweet Shop Co moved to Ainsworth Road in September 2018 from its former premises in Blackburn Street, Radcliffe town centre. The shop, which opens Tuesday to Sunday, sells a whole range of traditional and modern sweets as well as milkshakes, ice creams and more.

The Radcliffe Times has contacted Greater Manchester Police.

Anyone with information should call police on 101, or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.