DIVERS, blood nurses, engineers and TV producers were among those who inspired pupils at a Brandlesholme primary school.

Old Hall Primary School held an Aspirations Week recently aimed at encouraging pupils to think about different careers, as well as setting up their own mini businesses to raise funds for the school.

Pupils made products including kites, sweet holders and key rings out of recycled items found in their homes.

Each class raised about £50 at an event where they manned stalls and sold the items they had produced.

Headteacher Deborah Ainscoe said: “This year we have had more people than ever come into the school to talk about their fascinating jobs and how they got into careers.

"It is important to raise the children’s aspirations, even at a young age, so they grow in confidence and have something to aim for in the future.

AJ Read, who represented ITV North at the event, said: “Talking to the pupils today about the many different jobs they could do in TV was such a pleasure.

"They had some brilliant questions and already knew a lot about the different types of TV programmes we broadcast. It is great to see them learning from such a wide range of sectors.”