THERE are now less than 24 hours before hundreds of competitors swim, cycle and run their way to the finish line in Ironman UK.

This year marks the first the sporting event's course will pass through Bury.

Here is how the weather is shaping up for tomorrow's event.

Across the course the outlook is predicted to be mild and overcast with only a very small chance of rain throughout the day.

Tomorrow's race starts with a swim at Pennington Flash in Leigh.

Conditions will be cloudy with a less than five per cent chance of rain, The Met Office predicts.

Temperatures are expected to be around 15 degrees.

In Bury similar conditions will prevail with a possibility of some sunny intervals by mid morning and late afternoon.

Temperatures could rise to a high of 19 degrees by 3pm.

And in Bolton the weather will be much the same with temperatures perhaps reaching a touch higher.

Humidity is expected to fluctuate between 84 per cent and 51 per cent over the course of the day.

For any hayfever sufferers the pollen count is predicted to be high.