STEVE Dale says the approval of a CVA rescue plan is a “major day” at Bury Football Club.

The Shakers chairman released a statement this afternoon to celebrate the agreement with non-football creditors, which will see them take 25 pence in the pound, significantly reduce the club’s debts and stave off the threat of liquidation.

“Today was a major day for our beloved club, the old girl is safe,” Dale’s statement read. “The CVA was passed so our future is secured, as I said I would.

“We have worked tirelessly to achieve the result today whilst taking a lot of flak, some might say our methods were questionable but we can all pass comment with hindsight, my job was to save Bury FC and that’s done, we have other hurdles but the main one is complete.”

Dale has come in for criticism for a lack of communication in recent months as financial issues piled up at Gigg Lane.

He claims the reasons for some of his recent decisions will become clearer soon.

“Over the coming weeks, our fans will see the truth appearing once the police have completed their enquiries and arrests and they will realise who had the club's best interest at heart, the facts as always will outweigh the social media spin and lies,” he said.

The Shakers currently have just six players under contract but have invited a stream of trialists to Carrington for training.

The club are almost certain to be docked 12 points by the EFL for an insolvency event but Dale says discussions will continue with new league chief Debbie Jevans.

“There will be a lot to put out that will lift spirits over the coming weeks, we have 27 players in training and seeing them play we have a lot to look forward to over this season.

“Over the next few days we have to tidy up outstanding issues with the EFL which we are on with, we look forward to working with the new chair and her team.”

Dale also turned his attention to ugly incidents on social media and at last Saturday’s friendly against Nantwich Town in which discontented supporters have voiced their displeasure.

“Not to bring matters down I feel I must address the unacceptable face of football,” he said.

“The social media garbage pedalled by the same few is not needed and bears no relation to the truth. I can’t see how attacking my family has anything to do with Bury FC issues but again it’s the same mindless few. As for grizzly, I loved the one with the bear and his two cubs on a walk, apparently it was me and my boys in Prestbury! Quality.

“I am sure those of you out there who have children will understand how protective we are of our children especially when it’s nothing to do with them and the attacks are vile.

“At Saturday’s match, I witnessed disgusting behaviour from a handful of fans, I would like to formally apologise to Nantwich Town for this and explain those few do not represent our club.

“I accept emotions can run high, it’s a passionate sport, but if we can put these things behind us and all get together we will ensure our club has a great season in unity.”

Under the terms of the company voluntary arrangement, the club’s unsecured creditors will receive 25 pence in the pound and football creditors will be paid in full.

Steven Wiseglass, a director at Inquesta Corporate Recovery & Insolvency, who was the nominee for the CVA will now be its supervisor, said: “I am delighted that the CVA has been approved by creditors and shareholders following extensive negotiations involving a number of parties.

“The agreement means the club avoids going into administration or liquidation, and it provides a degree of financial certainty in that its historic debts will be dealt with. Hopefully Bury FC can now look forward to a brighter future.”