Temperatures could hit 26C in Greater Manchester next week - but forecasters are warning of a wet weekend first.

Tomorrow will see a cloudy start with occasional showery rain, according to the Met Office.

Bright or sunny spells could then develop, bringing heavy and thundery downpours during the afternoon and maximum temperatures of 18C.

Sunday is expected to be dry and bright, reaching highs of 21C, but conditions are expected to turn wet and windy in the evening.

On Monday, wet weather will be replaced by dry and bright conditions with temperatures creeping up to 23C.

The best of the sunshine is expected on Tuesday next week when forecasters say we can expect dry and bright conditions and highs of 26C.

Conditions are then expected to become more mixed, with rain and cloudy conditions.

Elsewhere in the UK, the south east is expected to see drier and warmer weather as the summer holidays continue.

A spokesman for the Met Office said: "This period will tend to see a north west to south east split in the weather across the UK, with north western parts experiencing spells of rain, which could be heavy at times, as well as some periods of strong wind bringing a risk of coastal gales.

"By contrast, southern and south eastern parts of the UK should see much drier and warmer weather, which could be hot and rather humid at times, especially early to mid next week. "Potential for thunderstorms to develop as any hot, settled weather breaks down from the west.

"Beyond that, the signals become more mixed although overall the northwest to south east split will most probably continue.

"The south and south east is likely to see some rain but it will be less frequent than in the north west."