CALLS have been made for a town council to be established in Radcliffe.

Former Labour Radcliffe North councillor, Jamie Walker, has raised the issue with the leader of Bury Council.

Mr Walker, who is the chairman of the Radcliffe regeneration task group, has called for additional powers to "generate more income for public services and local needs."

Cllr David Jones, leader of Bury Council, said: "I am happy to listen to the residents of Radcliffe in exploring ways they could take back ways to run their own town.

"Local democracy is key to making our communities thrive."

For a town council to be established, a community governance review must be carried out by a local authority to see whether a local council should be created.

The authority can trigger a review within its own power, or if a valid petition containing the signatures of at least 7.5 per cent of the local population is submitted to it.

Mr Walker, who is calling on the council to trigger the community governance review, said: "A town council would sit below Bury Council, not replace it. But it would be able to decide how money is spent in Radcliffe, provide services to the community and be more responsive than Bury Council to the needs and interests of Radcliffe residents and businesses.

“Under the Local Government Act of 1972 our urban district status was abolished and many argue this led to Radcliffe losing some of its distinctive identity.

“I believe there is an opportunity to regain a stronger sense of identity with our town council with decision making returned here so we can focus exclusively on Radcliffe priorities.”